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Why Choose MedAmerica?

It is time for you to get back to doing what you love: practicing medicine.

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in progress, the business side of medicine has grown increasingly complex. Many physician leaders find that their time devoted to administrative work has limited the amount of time they can actually practice medicine. And with hospital administrators shifting the burden of responsibility to physicians to without increasing administrative support, physicians’ loss of time at the patient bedside is all the more costly.

For nearly forty-years, MedAmerica has provided expertise to physician groups across the array of acute care specialties. By collaborating with MedAmerica, you can expect improved efficiency and productivity, resulting in better patient care and a more profitable practice.

We have guided physician groups through designing and reforming corporate structure and governance, responding to requests for proposal (RFPs), and navigating reimbursement claims.  We have also assisted physician groups with:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Operational assessments
  • Practice recovery
  • Growth opportunity assessment
  • New practice launch
  • Leadership development
  • IT infrastructure
  • EMR selection and implementation